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Jenna Wilcox

Thesis writer, Osteopathic student

Jenna Wilcox, a thesis osteopathic student working at Personal Care Physio and
Osteopathy, has completed the 5-year program at the Canadian College of Osteopathy of

Jenna has also received previous education at Memorial University, where she studied and received a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Biology with a Psychology minor. She is a certified Pilates mat instructor, trained through both Studio In Essence and the American Sports Association. Jenna enjoys an active lifestyle and has been a Highland dancer for over 20 years. Jenna is a certified Kids Yoga Instructor where she received her training through Grow a Lotus Yoga Pad in Halifax.

Jenna is currently doing her research on “Global Osteopathic Treatment in Patients with
Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.” It is a 12-week quantitative randomized clinical trial
study, comparing participants who are given 4 osteopathic treatments in addition to
continuing their standard care, compared to those in the control group who do not receive
osteopathic treatment. The researcher’s goals are to determine the effect of global
osteopathic treatment on liver function/health, overall wellbeing and quality of life of a
person with NAFLD and readiness to change.

She is still looking for participants in the study who are diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease.

Please call 902-275-5086 for further questions if you are interested in being part of the
study and possibly being in the experimental group to receive free osteopathic