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Pilates Studio

Are you feeling stiff, unmotivated, fatigued or having a difficult time finding your balance? Are you someone who is experiencing decreased muscle tone and strength, and need assistance in managing back pain? If so, perhaps Pilates is what you need!

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of various exercises that focuses on increasing flexibility, muscle tone, strength, and overall endurance and wellness of the body. One of the key principles of Pilates is to strengthen the core. For example, by strengthening the core, one can help stabilize the pelvis and back, which can help prevent recurring back issues. Any balance issues can also be resolved over time, by continuing to increase strength through these controlled movements of the body. Many of these exercises coordinate proper breathing throughout the routine by taking deep breaths to help keep the body centered, which can increase the oxygen flow. This combination helps one to achieve the full benefits from these movements and exercises.

This form of exercise has many modifications that can be used to personalize a workout routine, and the exercises can be done on a mat, or with the use of weights and other various equipment, depending on the person. In particular, classes that are offered at Personal Care Physio and Osteopathy will focus on the basic Pilates concepts with various fun mat exercise routines. Modifications to the movements will also be provided, depending on personal needs.


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