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Bio-Well TM

Bio-Well TM is an emerging wellness device that is used to assess health and stress levels. It is a cutting edge technology that is not diagnostic, but is used to enhance patient assessment and treatment planning. The four pillars of Bio-Well TM analysis are:

  • the endocrine system
  • the gastrointestinal system
  • the autonomic nervous system
  • emotions

Bio-Well TM illustrates a delicate reflection of the physical, emotional, and spiritual state of a person by turning bio-electricity into images. These images are then mapped to different organs and body systems by tapping into the Chinese meridians, which are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Bio-Well TM illustrates graphically; energy, stress, chakra status, health status, and energy balance of different organs, giving our practitioners deeper insight to your bodies systems to enhance your recovery. Bio-Well TM screening is detected quickly and non-invasively through the person’s finger tips. This is important information that can be used to create an effective treatment plan
and to monitor patients’ progress toward goals. Visit for more information

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