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PhysiotherapyMassage TherapyAcupunctureOsteopathy (OMT)Women's Health & Pediatrics


Prevention, restore, rehabilitate

Massage Therapy

Restore, maintain and enhance well-being.


Treat illness, prevent disease and improve well-being

Osteopathy (OMT)

Treating the cause of dysfunction, not the symptom.

Women's Health & Pediatrics

Caring for every stage of your life

PhysiotherapyMassage TherapyAcupunctureOsteopathy (OMT)Women's Health & Pediatrics
PhysiotherapyMassage TherapyAcupunctureOsteopathy (OMT)Women's Health & Pediatrics

Our mission is to improve the body, mind and spirit by employing a dynamic team approach that combines conventional and alternative therapy techniques.


Proper management of concussion symptoms is vital to ensure safety with return to work, sport, and regular activities, and to avoid secondary complications. Our therapists have been trained in evidence-based approaches to concussion rehabilitation and patient education.

Women’s Health

Personal Care Physio - Women's Health

Personal Care Physio and Osteopathy is a clinic specialized in treatment during pregnancy and other women’s health issues that can be successfully treated with physiotherapy and osteopathy (OMT).
See our complete list of women’s health services.

Biowell™ & Heartquest™

Heartquest & Biowell

Bio-Well™ is an emerging wellness device that is used to assess health and stress levels. Read more about this service.

HeartQuest™ is a tool that non-invasively measures heart rate variability using electrocardiograph (ECG) recording. Read more about this service.


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